OGSA-DAI 3 Demo Application

The following links take you to a GUI-based demo application for OGSA-DAI 3. This is a graphical environment which allows you to submit workflows to an OGSA-DAI server.

The following invokes a client which can interact with OGSA-DAI GT services.

Launch OGSA-DAI GT client

The following invokes a client which can interact with OGSA-DAI Axis services.

Launch OGSA-DAI Axis client

Quick Start Guide

Select the appropriate version.

If you get a window popping up saying that "The application's digital signature cannot be verified. Do you want to run the application?" press Run.

The client's main window should appear.

Select File=>Add Service....

Enter an OGSA-DAI server URL, e.g. http://localhost:8080/dai/services/ and press OK.

The URL should appear in the left-hand window. If you click the + you can see the resources available on the server and their supported activities.

Select Load Request Web... and select a workflow. This loads up an OGSA-DAI workflow that has been saved as an XML document. Note that the resource names targeted by certain activities may not correspond to any on the server since that's the default in the XML document. To change these click on the Execute tab.

Then, in the ResourceID field enter the correct resource ID.

Click Execute to send the workflow to the server.

If all goes well the workflow should execute. You should then see a DeliverToRequestStatus_result tab. If you click on this you should then be able to see the data from your query.