OGSA-DAI is managed by EPCC, The University of Edinburgh and we welcome any communications you have about how OGSA-DAI can help you.

Founded at The University of Edinburgh in 1990, EPCC is a leading European centre of expertise in advanced research, technology transfer and the provision of supercomputer services to academia and business.

EPCC has over two decades of experience in working on applications ranging in scale from desktop PCs to HPC supercomputersk and has undertaken numerous successful projects with partners in academia, dustry and commerce. These have ranged from short 6 month projects to help Scottish businesses through to global multi-organisation partnerships driving cutting-edge research in distributed and high-performance computing.

If you want more information on how OGSA-DAI can help you with data-related challenges or how EPCC could help you more generally then please e-mail us at: info@ogsadai.org.uk.